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Assistmach established in 2017 after long experiences on the production and sales of the press brakes and shears.

We point at making bending and cutting sheet metal an easy, precise and reliable process. We aim to make our clients more productive and quality job. Our point is to become a constant point of reference in the theory and practice of our machines. We don’t offer only machines, we offer solutions and best answers to all our clients. For more than 15 years of experience on sales and direct production field experience gives confidence on performance, quality and service for all our operators.

Cisailles de tôle série V-CUT Assistmach

CNC variable rake angle shears

Durable & powerful framedesign for perfect cutting
Hardened and ground blades
CE standards security and light guards.
Blade clearance and cutting angle automatically adjusted by CNC controller.
Sheet sliders at the back side.
Automatic swing up back gauge for larger sheets
Front support arms T-Slots for easy cutting and feeding material
Ball Transfer table

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Features of V-CUT series

  • 1 meter flip up front fences with flexi-glass
    Iron ball transfer tables
    Hydraulic hold down pistons
  • Pneumatic thin sheet support system

V-CUT series control units

Easy Operating
• High-contrast touchscreen, with vivid colors
• Simple pages, large keys, clear display with all the information the operator needs
• Intuitive and user-friendly interface
• Complete programming of parts in seconds
• Quick set up of the machine with the EasyCut page.
• Contextual help and warning pop-up

Cybelec CybTouch

Better Cutting
• Automatic calculations of the shear functions upon material specifications
• Automatic blade gap
• Automatic cutting angle
• Automatic cutting length
• Automatic back gauge correction
• Automatic back gauge foldaway
• Anti-twist management
• 2/3-position sheet support
• Return to sender function (RTS)
• Front or back gauge management
• Parking position (foldaway function)
• Hold-downs pressure management
• System pressure management
• Sheet position offset, allowing to cut in the middle

• Large cutting sequences and programs can be memorized
• Easy communicationvia wireless connection to a laptop computer
• Over 10 languages available

Customers Benefits
Very simple to use with intuitive touch screen programming
Higher quality and productivity increase
Powerful features for maximum output

Standard Equipments

(Y1, Y2, X) 3 axis Synchro Press Brake
Manual Crowning
Control Unit – CNC Cybelec Cytbtouch 12 Graphic Control
Non CE with Manual F.AKAS FPBS (for Top Beam )
European Quick Release Clamping system
60mm Die Holder
Back gauge : Motorised & Ballscrew system
Back gauge fingers – manual height adjustable
Back gauge motors: AC motors
Sliding Front Arms with full length linear guide and brushes
Safety covers
LED Lights on front cover

Optional Equipments

Laser Cutting Line
Light curtains for finger protection
Pneumatic sheet support system
Pneumatic sheet support with return to sender
Anti twist system
Back gauge 1250 mm
Hydraulic swing-up back gauge
Oil coolant
Oil heater
Central lubrication manual or motorized
Adjustable angle stop 0-180°

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V-CUT technical data