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Since the early days Ursviken has produced high quality quillotine type shears.

1902 the first combined shear and press brake was produced but a lot has happened since then!

Ursviken shears are designed for high productivity plants and often used in cutting lines in steel service centers.

Cisailles de tôle Ursviken

Cisaille Ursviken 2

Shear power is not everything,
there is much more to cutting metal

The shears are designed with wellproven and reliable components, chosen to ensure the best possible cutting results and economical production.

Our hydraulic quillotine shears are designed for high strength steel up to 45mm and with a max cutting length at 8m.

Material handling is crucial when you need to produce big volumes. We have solutions!

Unique Control Design

Steplessly variable rake angle, clearance between the blades and automatic limitation of the cutting length for optimized cycle time.

Plate Holders

Hydraulic plate holders with individual actions and automatic power adjustments make sure the plate is fixed during the cutting process.

Automatic Setting of Blade Clearance

Our patented design with the upper guide of the cutting beam can be displaced forwards or backwards and thanks to the low location of the fulcrum increasing or reducing the inclination angle and distance between the shear blades.

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