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Optima meets the highest demands when it comes to plate fabrication. Every machine is custom-engineered and will produce for decades to come.

Accuracy, performance, efficiency and quality is our foundation.

The Optima press brake can be customized to suit individual applications with different daylight, stroke, throat depth, bend length and a lot of options when it comes to handling equipment.

For large poles, pipes, crane arms and forming thicker plates in high strength steel, this is the product of choice.

Plieuse de tole Ursviken - 3
Plieuse de tole Ursviken - 6


  • Ursviken Flexicrown system is a segmented crowning solution that allows for local corrections.
  • Handling equipment can be customized to fit your machine and factory.
  • A huge range of options available, such as sheet support, back and front gauges, variable die tools (VDT), angle control with automatic compensation, tool and part extractors, tool magazine and much more

Specifications Optima

Press force
400 – 5000+ Ton

Maximum bend length
4100 – 20200 mm

Length between side frame
3100 – 16200 mm

Tool space
485 – 4000 mm

300 – 1500 mm

*For customized solutions, contact Ursviken Technology AB sales department

Options to maximize your productivity

  • Variable Die Tool (VDT)
    Dramatically increase your productivity by adding an Ursviken VDT to your machine. Combining accurate bends with fast changes to bend radius will help you maximize your capabilitiesOur customers have achieved a return on investment for the VDT in as little as 5 months. 
  • EcoPump
    The Ursviken EcoPump will decrease your energy usage by up to 95% by allowing you to set the frequency of the motor by bending cycle. Other benefits include reduced wear on pump and motor, decreased noise level and oil temperature as well as extended oil life cycle. 
  • Tool magazine
    The Ursviken tool magazine will reduce unwanted pauses in production and improve operator working environment by making it easy to find all the necessary tools quickly. 
  • Lift swing
    Improve operator ergonomics and part accuracy while reducing set up time with a CNC-controlled lift swing.